What is Employee Development?

What is Employee Development?

October 20, 2022By admin

Employee development is a key part of maintaining/retaining high-quality, motivated team members at your business. Providing employee growth opportunities motivates employees to not only keep working at your company but motivate others to perform at their best as well!

A survey by Better Buys showed that development opportunities caused team members to be 15% more engaged at work than those who didn’t have access to these opportunities. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of staff development and how outsourcing functional responsibilities can help grow your business.

What is It?

Employee development refers to how a business helps its employees grow while working at the company; this often includes helping employees learn new skill sets or develop existing strengths. Companies may offer training or set employee goals to promote employee development. The main focus is to help employees grow and ensure they succeed at the company.

Why is It Important?

Employee development is beneficial to both your employees and your business. As long as your employees continue working at your company, their improved skills will be assets to your business. Setting employee goals and investing in their development helps with employee retention and productivity. 

In one survey, 70% of respondents said that they stayed at their job because of company development opportunities. Employees want to be able to learn, grow, and feel needed at their jobs. By providing development resources, they’re more likely to continue working for the company. While this helps your business, it also shows employees that you care about their knowledge, expertise, and personal development. 

Employee Development

Devoting resources to development programs can take a lot of work, especially in a small company. It can be helpful to outsource these tasks. Outsourcing means that a third-party company would handle your business’ development efforts. These types of services can be through on-site visits or even online courses.  

Sourcing employee development assistance/programs is most commonly needed in small businesses, which tend to have fewer resources than large ones. Outsourcing employee development saves time and ensures that employees still access employee development opportunities. In turn, this promotes small business growth by helping retain employees.

Outsourcing Opportunities

There is a wide range of benefits to investing in employees’ skill sets. Both businesses and team members can benefit from employee growth opportunities.

As an HR outsourcing company, Brabo helps companies by handling HR responsibilities so businesses can spend more time developing, retaining, and reinvesting in their employees. 

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