What Is A Payroll Card?

What Is A Payroll Card?

July 3, 2022By admin

In a world of constantly expanding/evolving technology, it’s only natural for all aspects of work to change, including payment options. From direct deposit to checks and payroll cards, it can be hard to distinguish which method is the best and easiest to receive or distribute funds. 

Keep reading below to find out what a payroll card is and how it can be a great solution to certain employer/employee situations. 

What is a Payroll Card?

The payroll card is a popular method of payment that many companies use. Employers can use a physical card, similar to a debit or credit card, and transfer salary funds onto it. Then, employees will receive the card and use it as they would a debit card. There’s no need to replace the card because employers can upload money to the same one each payday without hassle. 

Most employers that use payroll cards for their mass payroll do so because they have temporary workers or workers without bank accounts. These cards don’t require any credit and can work just as any prepaid card, making payments and future transactions easy. 


As with every payment method, payroll cards have both pros and cons. Here are just a few advantages to this method: 

  • No bank account is required. Employees don’t need a bank account to receive their salaries. This method works best for low-income workers or those who just prefer not to open an account. 
  • ATM compliant. Payroll cards work well with ATMs when cash is needed, just like other cards. 
  • Easy transactions. Online and in-person shopping is easy with payroll cards that work just like debit cards. 
  • Instant funds. Employees can receive their cards and salaries instantly with a payroll card; there’s no delay. Employees don’t need to worry about bank screenings or external delays from money transfers. 
  • Pay bills. Payroll cards make it easy to pay bills online automatically. 

Other Payment Options

Along with payroll cards, there are many other options for employers to pay salaries. A few options to consider include:

It’s important to thoroughly research these payment options to determine which works best for you and your financial situation. 

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