Remote Onboarding Process

How Smooth is Your Remote Onboarding Process?

Did you know that 88 percent of employees say that their last onboarding process fell short of their expectations? 

Of course, you want to give employees the great onboarding experience they’re expecting. 

But how can you make that happen? How can you make filling out paperwork & tax forms, watching instructional videos, and reading employee handbooks & policies simple & easy? 

Brabo’s Remote Onboarding Process & Services will help you do all of that and more to go above and beyond your new employees’ expectations.

Instead of starting off their new job with a seemingly neverending stack of paperwork, you can give your employees an easy, efficient, and completely digital customizable onboarding process. 

Our remote onboarding process gives your employees autonomy over their information & employment while also streamlining their onboarding experience. 

All of their information, tasks, and responsibilities are organized and saved on our digital platform that you and your employees can track & access anytime, anywhere.

This remote onboarding process also limits document or onboarding errors & breaks things down into layman’s terms to make the process simple and easy for everyone involved.

We offer two distinct platforms to meet the unique needs of your business: 

Paylocity is an all-in-one payroll & HR ecosystem to handle everything in one place. From onboarding to performance reviews to payroll services & benefits, this customizable system is streamlined for ease of use. 

Employee Navigator is a simple standalone system with features to streamline the HR onboarding process and manage employee benefits. This is completely customizable to the needs of your business, and the system can either be linked to payroll or remain separate. 

Make the first impression count with Brabo. With our remote onboarding process, we’ll help you curate a workforce that’s organized, happy, and ready to work from Day 1

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