HR Systems

HR Systems

Brabo Payroll — Your Full Service HR Outsourcing Company

Many small business owners find themselves wearing many hats — entrepreneur, CFO, CEO, manager, and lead HR associate.

That means evaluating benefits packages, administering payroll, ensuring compliance, onboarding new employees — the list goes on. And you’re supposed to be running and growing your business!

Outsourcing your HR will allow you to focus on doing just that.

If you’re looking into HR outsourcing for your business, you’ve got a great idea. But, as a small business, you have unique HR needs & obstacles that aren’t catered to by a run-of-the-mill HR outsourcing company. 

Good thing Brabo is anything but a run-of-the-mill HR outsourcing company. 

We’ve set up our HR Systems to specifically suit small- to medium-sized businesses. Brabo streamlines your HR processes with customizable technology-driven options for maximum efficiency. 

We offer two distinct HR platforms to meet the unique needs of your business: 

Paylocity is an all-in-one payroll & HR ecosystem to handle everything in one place. From onboarding to performance reviews to payroll services & benefits, this customizable system is streamlined for ease of use. 

Employee Navigator is a simple standalone system with features to streamline the HR onboarding process and manage employee benefits. This system can be tied to payroll or remain separate. 

We’re always available to help with the emergencies, questions, and concerns that are sure to pop up at the most inconvenient times. 

Reach out if you need some more help — we can help you make the best decision ever for you and your HR needs.

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