Remote Onboarding – Keeping The Process Smooth and Secure

Remote Onboarding – Keeping The Process Smooth and Secure

December 30, 2021By admin

Evaluating your remote onboarding process is important as recruitment and employment policies change. The global pandemic will continue to normalize remote options for employees and applicants alike. When recruiting remotely, it’s critical to make the process as efficient as possible. 

In a recent study, 88% of employees said that their onboarding process didn’t meet their expectations; solutions are available to make the process more fulfilling for new hires. If you’re new to remote onboarding, here are some tips to keep in mind as you recruit more team members. 

Autonomy Throughout The Process

The first day of in-house onboarding with a group of new hires and some instructors, many of us have been there. Everyone had to complete the paperwork, instructional videos, training procedures and absorb company policies simultaneously. It’s not a fun, efficient, or customizable process. 

Thankfully, with new remote onboarding platforms, those days are over, and new hires can work at their own pace and track their onboarding progress at their discretion. Instead of overwhelming new employees with never-ending stacks of paper filled with jargon, requiring all of their information at once, use remote platforms that allow new hires to customize their onboarding process into simple and accessible steps. 

Have Productive Conversations

Talk about your company culture and your mission as an employer. Take the initiative to spend more time with recruits. Whether new hires work on-site or remotely, keeping clear communication channels open is important. A new employee or applicant shouldn’t assume what you need from them. Set clear expectations of what you see as success and their responsibilities. 

Build Relationships

Be ready with unique interactions when bringing in new hires. If you’re recruiting for remote work, keep in mind some disadvantages new hires might have. Unlike a traditional office setting, remote work isn’t conducive to random encounters, lunches, or office parties. You’ll have to get creative when team bonding and making recruits feel welcome. Set up a nice balance between formal and informal interactions. In general, try and set up a strong network of individuals that allow more work to get done while creating a sense of community at the same time. 

Remote Onboarding Solutions

Have you been struggling to construct an efficient and smooth remote onboarding process? Brabo Payroll can help you! Our remote onboarding process and services will help you go above and beyond new employee expectations. 

We’re a local payroll company that offers two unique platforms, Paylocity and Employee Navigator, to help your company thrive with the onboarding process.

Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding remote onboarding services.