Remote Onboarding Checklist – What Are The Appropriate Steps?

Remote Onboarding Checklist – What Are The Appropriate Steps?

November 30, 2022By admin

You might imagine onboarding employees remotely is a complicated and stressful process; maybe even your employees feel the same way. As a small business owner, you’re worried that if you don’t provide new employees with an engaging and efficient onboarding experience, they’ll lose confidence in you before they even begin to work.

Let’s go over the steps involved with remote onboarding via an onboarding checklist and cover why you should consider hiring a third-party to help you complete the process.

Remote Onboarding Checklist

  • Provide Helpful Resources

The goal is to have your new employees to be prepared and excited for their first day at work. Before doing anything else, ensure they have access to everything they’ll need for day 1, including training videos, company overviews, procedure guidelines, and anything else that might make them feel more comfortable. As an optional but considerate gesture, you can send t-shirts, mugs, or other company swag to help them feel confident and excited about their new workplace!

  • Set Up an Orientation

Orientation is your first chance to meet your new employees face-to-face, even if your chat is virtual. During orientation, you can provide extra training materials, explain what will happen on the first day of work, and teach them how to use your team’s software. You may even introduce them to some co-workers they’ll be teaming up with as they begin. 

  • Coordinate With HR

Before starting on their first day, your employees will need to join your payroll, sign documentation, and gain access to company software. Set up a meeting with an HR specialist where your employee and administrators can exchange information. 

Once your new hires are on board, in your payroll system, and have access to everything they need, you can begin training. From day one, you should introduce your new employee to all the tools they’ll use on the job. 

Brabo Payroll – Remote Onboarding

Brabo’s remote onboarding services can help you streamline the processes and simplify everything for your new employee(s). We offer two distinct digital onboarding platforms best suit your company’s needs.

If it sounds like you’ll need help or want no part in remote onboarding new employees, contact Brabo and ensure your new employees start off on the right foot. 

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