Remote Onboarding Best Practices

Remote Onboarding Best Practices

May 20, 2022By admin

Many business owners are relatively new to the remote onboarding process, but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming change. Many elements of remote onboarding are similar to what a training team initiates in person. 

To implement remote onboarding best practices, ensure that you understand your business capabilities and source remote onboarding services if processes are too demanding and time-consuming for your staff.

The Importance of Remote Onboarding

Remote onboarding is practically a requirement when it comes to attracting the best candidates in the post-COVID workplace. In fact, just over 33% of recruiters have stated that their most crucial hiring is now done remotely. 37% of recruiters also said that their greatest concerns centered around remote onboarding and training.

Handling the remote onboarding process correctly is crucial for ensuring high levels of productivity, employee retention, and workplace satisfaction.

Effective Remote Onboarding Practices

Adopting tried and true remote onboarding practices can simplify the process of preparing a new hire to perform optimally in their remote position. Try the following:

Start the Remote Onboarding Process Early

Rather than waiting until your new hire’s first day of work, it’s wise to initiate the onboarding process as soon as hiring is complete. Let the new hire become familiar with workplace expectations and the remote onboarding process before they need to implement what they’ve learned on the job.

Create a Schedule and Assign Realistic Tasks

One of the best remote onboarding practices includes an onboarding schedule for your new hire; this should clearly outline the objectives they’re expected to meet and introduce tools they need to become familiar with. From there, assign a few realistic yet simple tasks for the new hire to practice so that they can get the hang of what their first couple of weeks of work will be like. 

Introduce Them to the Team and Set Up Virtual Training Sessions

Introducing the new hire to your professional remote onboarding team takes the pressures of training a new hire off your shoulders and allows you to continue operating your business as usual. A dependable onboarding team will take care of scheduling virtual training sessions needed. They can also make sure that the new hire feels confident and capable by the end of the onboarding process.

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