Payroll for Construction – Solutions for the Trades

Payroll for Construction – Solutions for the Trades

January 11, 2022By admin

If you’re used to handling/processing payroll information through piles and piles of paperwork, it may be time to consider payroll software solutions. There is so much data constantly being updated for business in the trades, and it’s easy to make mistakes if reconciliation methods are not air-tight.

If you’re a business owner in the trades, it’s important to reevaluate all your payroll options. As a local payroll company, we provide payroll service solutions that help employees and employers.

Use Payroll Software Designed for Construction

There are many generalized payroll software packages available, but it’s important to find one that makes special accommodations designed for trade work. Adaptable and customizable software can help you manage unique situations to trade businesses like multi-project payroll processing, union payment requirements, and built-in tax codes. When these options are offered to your team members, it helps your business efficiently manage payroll. 

Take Advantage of Mobile Technology

The last thing you want to do is rummage through stacks of paperwork just to find a specific time card. Advances in technology allow your employees to access all their information digitally. Save your company time and inconvenience by giving your employees access to a mobile time card. You can even track time on different work sites and bill clients with more precise time considerations.

Use Direct Deposit

If you haven’t already switched to direct deposit, it’s time to make the change. With direct deposit, you’ll no longer have team members chasing you down asking, “where’s my paycheck?” Simply put, paperless checks make payments easier without the hassle of picking up and depositing checks in person.

Make Employee Information Easily Accessible

Hours tracked, paid time off, and expense reports can be a lot to take on, and most companies in the trades don’t have the time to dedicate to administrative needs. Today, mobile resources like web portals and construction software suites give everyone a centralized place to access their information. Employees can access a web portal to view wage rates, hours, important documents, and time off requests using their company-provided accounts. 

Payroll for Construction – Be Communicative

Establish a clear and simple place for employees to access all their work-related information; this should include anything related to their wages, paid time off, and benefits. It also helps avoid confusion during the payroll process and creates an environment of trust between employees and your company. Clear, understandable, and simple payroll processes lead to happier team members. 

We Can Help You Create Smooth Processes

As a payroll company for small businesses, we understand how difficult it can be to create an organized payment system, whether with payroll construction or any other business. At Brabo, we offer customizable solutions that make all aspects of payroll as efficient and easy as possible.