Mass Health Connector for Business – What You Need to Know

Mass Health Connector for Business – What You Need to Know

February 27, 2022By admin

Finding appropriate health insurance options as an employer is challenging enough, but it can be especially troublesome for small business owners who want to give their employees affordable coverage options.

In Massachusetts, small business owners now have Mass Health Connector for Business. If you’re a business owner and haven’t heard about this helpful program, let’s briefly explore how it can help you provide your employees with coverage options.

What Is Health Connector?

Mass Health Connector for Business is an agency that helps small businesses in Massachusetts provide health and dental insurance coverage to their employees. Most of the state’s residents are insured; more Massachusetts residents are insured than those of any other state (97%). Many of those with coverage receive their health and dental insurance through their employers. 

Small business owners in Massachusetts aim to extend the same offering to their employees as well, but the cost and complexity involved with this endeavor can be daunting. 

The Mass Health Connector for Business aims to make it flexible, affordable, and simple for small businesses to provide health insurance coverage to their employees. 

Who Can Use Health Connector?

The agency’s services are open to assist business owners with 50 employees or fewer. Mass Health Connector for Business aims to simplify the process, especially for small business owners who don’t have the financial capability that larger businesses have.

Benefits of Mass Health Connector for Business

Mass Health Connector for Business offers several benefits for small business owners trying to provide their employees with health insurance coverage. The platform prides itself on three key benefits flexibility, affordability, and ease of use.

  • Flexible: The platform allows business owners to create a customized plan that meets their company’s needs, and in addition, it provides a quote comparison tool that can weigh the details of plans from numerous carriers at a time.
  • Affordable: The platform enables business owners to name their premium participation numbers and discover how much they’ll contribute to their chosen plan each month. 
  • Easy: The website is user-friendly and allows business owners to contact local insurance brokers in approximately 30 minutes.

Navigating the health insurance coverage options can be a complicated task to complete effectively. Still, by reaching out to an experienced broker through the Health Connector platform, small business owners can find the best options to fit the needs of their employees.

At Brabo, we have extensive experience setting up small businesses with affordable well-regarded health insurance packages through the Health Connector for Business so that they can give their employees the coverage and flexibility they desire. 

Please contact us to learn more about insurance options for small businesses.