Worker's Comp

Brabo Makes Workers’ Comp EASY

You know you have to have workers’ compensation insurance, but hefty payments and the dreaded year-end audit give you a headache. Brabo has a remedy for that. 

  • Traditionally, workers’ compensation premiums are based on an estimate of payroll for the year, and either paid upfront or with a large down payment. Because premiums are based on an estimate, the end-of-year audit means you either owe a chunk of money for underestimating, or you’ve tied up extra money throughout the year— and neither situation is good for cash flow.
  • Brabo works differently. Our pay-as-you-go workers compensation plans calculate premiums with each payroll cycle, meaning your payments are made throughout the year— based on real payroll data rather than an estimate.

How does this benefit you, the business owner?

  • Cash flow is vital. With a low down payment (or sometimes zero!) and small payments based on each payroll, cash flow isn’t interrupted with huge installments. 
  • That end-of-the-year audit? It’s practically nonexistent, because Brabo’s system tracks your payroll data throughout the year, and your payments adjust each pay cycle according to your actual payroll numbers. 
  • Have you been told you don’t qualify for pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation due to a high-risk industry? No worries! Brabo works with many high-risk companies such as roofers, tree workers, and other occupations that have been denied a pay-as-you-go plan by other payroll companies.