Brabo Benefits Broker Services

Did you know that studies show employees say benefits offered by employers are just as important to them as compensation? In fact, 50 percent of people say that a good benefits package & system would drive them to apply to a job in the first place!

The problem is, creating alluring benefits packages PLUS integrating them with your systems is a complex and time-consuming task. Especially for a small business owner with a million other things on your plate. 

Brabo’s Benefits Broker Service is your all-in-one solution for employee benefits packages & management. 

From choosing the right healthcare coverage to streamlining & digitizing your insurance & benefits systems, Brabo’s experts are committed to finding and implementing the perfect benefits packages to suit your needs. 

Brabo’s Benefits Broker service uses a fully-integrated payroll platform to keep your payments up-to-date & automatic, leaving you to focus on the important parts of your business. With our comprehensive benefits analysis and a dedicated employee advocate, you can be sure both you and your employees are getting the most out of your benefits program. 

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Which Brabo Benefits Broker Package Is Right for My Company?

Essential Benefits Broker Package:

Just a Little Assistance!

  • FREE to your company
  • Customized comprehensive annual benefits analysis
  • Electronic enrollment through insurance carrier and/or paper enrollment forms
  • Employee Advocate

Add-on Cafeteria Plan Management for only $150/year

Enhanced Benefits Broker Package:

For a Simple Yet Comprehensive Solution

  • Cafeteria Plan management included for FREE 
  • Customized comprehensive annual benefits analysis
  • Employee Advocate
  • Employee Navigator
  • Fully electronic new hire onboarding system
  • Complete technology-driven benefits enrollment
  • Small investment based on company size:
  • 1-5 Employees: $10 per employee per month (PEPM)
  • 6-25 Employees: $7 PEPM
  • 26-50 Employees: $5 PEPM
  • Modern Tech

On the Cutting Edge of HR Management:

Everything in our Enhanced package, PLUS:

  • Paylocity electronic payroll system
  • Integrated online recruiting platform
  • Digital expense management system
  • Online PTO request and management system
  • Streamlined employee performance review and management
  • Customizable employee learning management program
  • Digital management of employee time, schedules, and attendance
  • Automatically remove employees from benefits when removed from payroll
  • COBRA compliance management
  • Alice system to manage HSA, FSA, & Commuter deduction plans
  • Mandatory annual disclosures
  • All required reporting for ACA

Optional add-ons for Modern Tech package:

  • Integrated online background checks 
  • HR Edge
  • General ledger integration (i.e. Quickbooks or other accounting software integration)
  • Employee Handbook, P & P Manual, etc.
  • Poster Elite Program