ADP Run Time & Attendance

ADP Run Time & Attendance

ADP Run Time & Attendance is a software that you can use to track your employee’s time working & to see if they showed up to work. Pretty cool right?

I’m Kevin from Brabo Payroll & today I’m going to talk you about employee time and attendance.

When adopting any new system, your Brabo experts recognize that it’s vital the system be efficient, easy to use and do what you need it to do

That’s why Brabo’s most popular payroll solution is ADP Run.

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When you’re using ADP Run, at first glance you can see that it has a completely streamlined simple interface.

The clarity of the user friendly design makes ADP Run the EASIEST payroll system to use (emphasis on EASIEST).

This intuitive program alerts you to confirm each step to help you avoid potentially costly errors, while being completely customizable with timekeeping rules for your company.

The ADP Run interface maintains simplicity to make your most common payroll tasks effortless!

From managing PTO, to adding subtracting, or promoting employees… each task is as simple as possible (Told you, EASIEST!).

You can produce time card records at a moment’s notice for a quick and easy audit.

Brabo Payroll Services

Our employee meeting mobile app access allows your employees to check their hours worked, PTO balance, or request status and other functions from their smartphones.

As with allBrabo Payrollservices, you have access to our dedicated team of experts via phone, text or email if you have any questions about ADP Run.

Compliance, Efficiency & Culture… Brabo is here to help. I’m Kevin with Brabo Payroll and I hope you learned something today!

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Rachel From Brabo Payroll in Plymouth MA.