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featured-tag Restaurant Payroll

Restaurant Payroll

Restaurants are a fast-paced business with multiple areas of compliance to maintain. They can also be extremely favorable when it comes to tax credits, like WOTC for hiring employees and the FICA tip credit you can get back at the...

featured-tag Payroll for the Trades

Payroll for the Trades

Running an operation from the office and in the field comes with its challenges. We can help you drill into the data of your operation and set up tools to manage your labor. Ask us about our GPS timekeeping system...

featured-tag Home healthcare

Home healthcare

Easily the fastest growing industry out there. Organizations like yours have large mobile workforces with a fair amount of turnover. Brabo can make sure you are maximizing your tax credits and streamline your hiring/onboarding process.

featured-tag Transportation


Running a transportation company means that you need to squeeze a lot of admin into short windows of face to face time with your team. We can help you keep track of all new hire paperwork including licenses. We can...

featured-tag Integrated Workers Compensation

Integrated Workers Compensation

Big down payments with large payments through the year and a big swing when it comes time for your audit is a headache you shouldn't put yourself through. Often times we can greatly reduce your downpayment and tie what you...

featured-tag Employee benefits

Employee benefits

The biggest sale you make at your company as you grow is a great employee. Set yourself up to win top talent by offering competitive benefits. We have options for any company budget.

featured-tag Timekeeping


We have incredible time solutions both for all types of work environments. We have scheduling tools, GPS functionality and systems that can help with job costing.


We are a local company taking care of local business. From payroll and employee health benefits, to human resource advisors, Brabo has you covered. We provide concierge level service to our clients, their valuable employees and their families.

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