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We are a local company taking care of local business. From payroll and employee health benefits, to human resource advisers, Brabo has you covered. We provide concierge level service to our clients, their valuable employees and their families.


The best payroll for small businesses

Restaurant Payroll

Restaurants have unique payroll requirements. Don’t get inadvertently into trouble,. Protect yourself by utilizing an expert in restaurant payroll

Payroll Services For One Employee

Are you a one person business and some type of corporation? If so a payroll service for one employee can make a lot of sense.

Small Business Payroll

As a busy small business owner, you probably wish there was a better way to manage your finances. A big part of this is the payroll. Learn more about small business payroll.

Payroll Solutions

We offer payroll solutions for all types of businesses from 1 employee to 1000’s Learn more

Payroll for regular people

Easy to use and understand software makes payroll take minutes, not hours.

Pay Contractors

We love contractors as much as we love your employees. You can pay them thru direct deposit and we will prepare your 1099s.

Automated taxes

Taxes are calculated and submitted on time. No nail biting necessary.

Make payday a celebration

With the availability of direct deposit you don’t have to worry about handing out checks all day. Go ahead. Enjoy your morning coffee.

World-class customer service

Our friendly, knowledgeable, and understanding representatives will give you the personalized help that you need. Think of them as your personal concierge.

Time Clock Solutions

With biometric time clocks or real time employee tracking, you can easily reduce time theft and increase project management.


Simple pricing for payroll, HR, and benefits

$40/wkBase Price
Per Person
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Employee Benefits

Our ability to provide the “full package” to our clients is what sets Brabo Benefits apart.

Health insurance icon01

Health insurance

Dental insurance icon02

Dental insurance

Vision insurance icon03

Vision insurance

Voluntary Employee Benefit Programs icon04

Voluntary Employee Benefit Programs

Disability insurance icon05

Disability insurance

Self Funding & Fully Insured Programs icon06

Self Funding & Fully Insured Programs

Medicare Quoting and Education icon08

Medicare Quoting and Education

Cobra Administration icon12

Cobra Administration



Our Human Resources consulting services team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of HR solutions to organizations that are growing or starting up that may not require a full time HR presence.

  • Benefits Administration
  • Disciplinary Actions/Performance Improvement Plans
  • Employee Files and Maintenance
  • Employee Handbooks/Policies
  • Employment Investigations
  • Employee Motivation/Recognition
  • Employee Orientation/On-boarding
  • Employee Relations
  • Employee Training
  • Exit Interview
  • Form I-9 Audits
  • Hiring Procedures
  • HR Coaching
  • HR Policy/Procedure Review
  • Job Analysis/Job Descriptions
  • Management Coaching
  • Payroll Administration
  • Performance Management
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Recruiting
  • Staff Training & Development
  • Wellness Program Development
  • COBRA Administration
  • Open Enrollment

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Meet the team

Meet our highly professional and experienced team

Scott Hokanson Sr.

Brabo Benefits Partner

o: (508) 830-3800 X10
c: (617) 733-6471
secure fax: (508) 739-2256

Kevin P. O’Keefe

Brabo Benefits Partner

o: (508) 830-3800 X11
c: (781)264-5183 (cell)
secure fax: (508) 739-2259

Jayne Schwarting

Client Advocate

o: (508) 830-3800 X12
secure fax: (508) 739-2256

Sarah Skulte

Senior Analyst

o: (508) 830-3800
c: (781) 738-6335

Bill Johnston

Voluntary Benefits Team Leader

o: (508) 830-3800
c: (508) 320-0896

Pam Boucher

Community Outreach

o: (508) 830-3800
c: (508) 958-4149

Susie Bockard


o: (508) 830-3800
c: (781) 361-2186
Sbockard@brabobenefits .com

Kevin Hennessey

President - Payroll

o: (508) 356-8266
c: (781) 974-7539

Heather Hennessey

Vice President - Payroll

(508) 356-8266

Brenna Flynn

CEO Executive Assistant

o: (508) 356-8266
c: (508) 353-3503

Kerry Weygand

Client Success Representative

o: (508) 830-3800
c: (781) 927-8451

  • Address : Brabo Benefits, Inc. 51 Court Street Plymouth, MA 02360
  • E-Mail : info@brabobenefits.com
  • Tel : (508) 830-3800
  • Address : Brabo Payroll, Inc. 51 Court Street Plymouth, MA 02360
  • E-Mail : info@brabopayroll.com
  • Tel : 508-356-8266